HDMy CUBE is the most affordable solution for getting the highest resolution output from your Nintendo GameCube and making your GameCube usable for years to come.

It connects via the digital out port on the rear of the GameCube and outputs a fully digital signal to the mini HDMI port on the rear of the unit. You then connect the cable to your HDTV with the supplied mini HDMI to HDMI cable.

The input is lag-less and doesn’t have any of the lag related issues you would encounter with cheap composite to digital converter boxes.

The unit is fully plug-and-play and requires you change no settings to be able to use it. Although the settings can be changed to whatever you think is ideal for your gameplay experience with the supplied IR remote.

The unit also comes in an extremely small form factor & long-lasting case that will not put to much strain on the connection thanks to the usage of the compact mini HDMI port.


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