Is this unit totally plug-and-play with no permanent modification to my system necessary?

Yes, it is true plug-and-play, but there are options that can be changed using the supplied remote.

Can I use this with the GameBoy player add-on attached to my GameCube?

Yes, this can be used with the Gameboy player startup disc.

What resolutions are outputted by it?

For American/Japanese (NTSC) Gamecubes;

For European (PAL) Gamecubes:

Audio is outputted with 16bit PCM @ 48KHz

Can I use this for playing competitively or for serious gaming needs?

Yes, the device does not create any lag like a cheap component to HDMI converter box would.

I have a question about the software that is used by the HDMy Cube, where can I get information about it?

The software is called GCVideo. Please review it’s documentation here, prior to contacting us.

What version of GCVideo does the adapter have flashed to it?

All units ship with the latest version of GCVideo, which is currently 2.4a.

I’ve heard that these can damage or destroy my Gamecube, does this apply to this product as well?

No that issue was with another product, the HDMy Cube adapter will never have that problem and has an extremely sturdy connector.

Please watch this video for a video demonstration of its sturdiness.

Where can I find instructions for updating my HDMy Cube Pro device?

Those instructions can be found here: