HDMy Cube Pro Upgrade Instructions

These are the directions for updating your device and flashing it to the latest version of GCVideo.


The flashing device used in this guide is called the: CH341a USB Flasher

It can be found on ebay or Amazon for about $3 shipped from China (slow shipping) or around $7.50 shipped from U.S. sellers.

These are the current versions of GC Video we have available for download:

  • GCP_GCV_2.4.bin (OLD)
  • Major Release:

    • internal reorganization
    • dual-output support
    • brightness/contrast/saturation control via OSD
  • GCP_GCV_2.4a.bin (OLD)
  • Minor bugfix release:

    • fix audio issues introduced by 2.4 for some board configurations
    • ensure that the mode popup is always shown with correct colors
  • GCP_GCV_2.4b.bin (OLD)
  • Minor bugfix release:

    • fixes a small color shift
  • GCP_GCV_2.4c.bin (LATEST RELEASE - Released 12/16/18)
  • Minor bugfix release:

    • Fixes an audio scaling bug that resulted in reduced volume even when volume was set to 255 in the OSD


1. Open the housing of your device with a philips head screw driver

2. Connect the jumper wires in a row the pin header like so:

 3. Now follow the following diagram and put the jumper pins all the way to the bottom of the programmer in this order:

4. You should have this result:

5. Now get your soldering iron ready and look at this pad: JP1 (Next to the 6 pin header)

6. Now with a very small amount of solder create a bridge between the pads so it looks like the following:

7. Now you are ready to connect the flashing device to your computers USB port, please see the video below for instructions on how to flash the update file.


8. If you have successfully flashed the firmware remove the bridge on the JP1 pad with your iron or using de-solder braid so it looks like the following again:

9. Unplug the wires from the pin header and close the case up with a philips screwdriver, the flashing is complete.


Note: To get audio and the correct picture from  your device be sure to go into 'Other Settings' and select 'Enhanced DVI Mode' and enable it then go back a menu and press 'Store Settings' after flashing.